Our story was born in 2004, with a lot of grit and a couple of friends’ idea to rescue some really amazing wood from winding up in a landfill. Viridian pioneered a method to up-cycle wood into truly unique, affordable and easy to install tables, paneling, and flooring.

Viridian’s award-winning process gives us access to a very deep and dependable inventory.  Our specialty is supplying large projects with consistent reclaimed wood, and most products are manufactured in Portland by local craftsmen.

Inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature, Mathios Stone architectural veneers beautify every space and attribute a unique personal character.

Mathios Stone is one of the most complete collections of stone and brick veneers, offering resourceful design possibilities and matching all kinds of architectural design.

Acutech’s team has been outfitting, designing, constructing complex structures for its customers across the United States for more than 40 years. Acutech has also developed significant product lines for the architectural metals market and acts as a critical supply chain component in many industries.

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