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Updated: Feb 25, 2019


Radiance Glass

While transitioning from one thing to another in life is daunting enough, we all know that change in employment can be even more difficult. Yes, transitioning in business, work, or with education can even add an extra element of stress on your daily life and motivation. Thinking of the outcomes and attempting to prepare the mind and body for a transition is a skill to be learned, but somehow is not easily taught. It is apparent that those transitioning before me did not take the time while in mid transition to stop and give a lesson or write a how to book. Nonetheless it is for each individual to navigate his own transition regardless of any guide ever made.

Like a fresh set of gears in a transmission, the gears must be perfectly meshed for a smooth and effortless transition to occur from gear to gear. Just as in life and business we must maintain our mental transmission, servicing it often, and always maintaining that normal fluid level so one can always be in top form and ready for heavy duty service if duty calls.

Not one thing in business has ever come easy, especially not a transition, take what you can from each lesson that lies within the transition, breath in the new air, soak up the waves of fresh information, new ideas, new relationships, and last but not least, a possibility at finding what may end up being the one thing that fulfills your life.

A transition in business may be a trial, but I truly believe a great faction of the worlds population of businessmen still defer to the motto "practice makes perfect". Keep practicing, keep learning, and by all means, keep living.

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